• Plus Size Guest Wedding Attire Dress Ideas

    Look Fab On The Big Day!

    By admin    Published on 26 May 2016    in Fashion    0 Comments


    ” I’m Plus Size, what do I wear to a wedding” , seems to be the question that every curvy woman asks, when they have a wedding party to attend. Well not to worry we have some Plus Size Dress suggestions that will make you feel like a million bucks. We broke it down to Three marvelous options. The first is the Plus Size Pretty Victorian Lace Dress, which compliments the curvy shape adding sophistication and intricate detail with the lace finish, perfect for an indoor reception. The second is the Plus Size See Through Asymmetric Romper, which has the perfect balance between playful and sexy, it is just the look for a wild dance off, so if you’re the life of the party this is the look for you. Last but not least the third look, the Plus Size Glamorous Off The Shoulder Skater Dress, which shows off just enough skin to feel flirty, it’s skater skirt bottom , gives the body flow, and it is perfect for a romantic wedding reception. So whether you are looking for sexy or flirty one of these dresses is sure to make you the it girl of the night, besides the bride of course.




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