• Must Have Carry On Travel Essentials

    Going Somewhere? Don't forget your toothbrush!

    By admin    Published on 25 May 2016    in Uncategorized    0 Comments


    Traveling can cause chaos, especially if you fear like you’re packing too much or too little, don’t worry we got the essentials covered.  The carry on bag is the most important bag you will need it at all times and it will become your BFF. We always want to look and feel fresh so inside your makeup bag carry your toothbrush, and all your liquids in a plastic bag to avoid the hassle during security check, tissues, advil, foundation, mini hairbrush and bobby pins. Your carry on will also contain, your passport (extremely important) , sunglasses/reading glasses, your electronics ( keep with you at all times) and of course an extra change of comfy clothes and shoes just in case your luggage gets lost, and last but not least  a water bottle and snacks to keep you hydrated and full throughout the flight. So now you should be ready to relax and enjoy your vacay!

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